VMProtectDecryptString how to use ?

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VMProtectDecryptString how to use ?

Postby tested05 » Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:24 am

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         if (aSizeEncrypted)
            DWORD aSizeDataEncrypted = aSizeEncrypted;
            LPSTR aDataEncryptedString = (LPSTR)malloc(aSizeEncrypted);
            memcpy(aDataEncryptedString, (LPBYTE)aBuffer + hdrsz, aSizeEncrypted);
            CryptAES(aDataEncryptedString, aSizeEncrypted, pwd, false);
            aDataEncrypted = (BYTE*)malloc(aSizeDataEncrypted);
            CryptStringToBinaryA(aDataEncryptedString, NULL, CRYPT_STRING_BASE64, aDataEncrypted, &aSizeEncrypted, NULL, NULL);
            if (aSizeDeCompressed == aSizeCompressed)
               memcpy(aDataBuf, aDataEncrypted, aSizeDeCompressed);
               return aSizeDeCompressed;

How can I protect SizeDeCompressed variable with VMProtectDecryptString?

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Re: VMProtectDecryptString how to use ?

Postby Admin » Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:39 am

Please notice that VMProtectDecryptString works for string literals only:

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char *str = VMProtectDecryptStringA("MY SECURE STRING");

And it removes "MY SECURE STRING" from binary file while protection.