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Complete solution
to software protection

Secure your code against reverse engineering, analyzing, and cracking. Use the advantage of code virtualization, which executes virtualized fragments of code on several virtual machines embedded into the protected application.

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Virtual Machine

The most powerful obfuscation method for binary code.


While protecting, VMProtect transforms the code of an application into the own set of commands, which is executed on a virtual machine with a different architecture.


After protection, the virtual machine and the new set of commands are built into the protected application and do not require any additional libraries and modules to work.


This obfuscation method supports Intel binaries and .NET assemblies compiled with C/C++, C#, Pascal, VB, ASM for all most popular operation systems: Windows, macOS and Linux.

Licensing System

The most advanced license control.


VMProtect provides own licensing system with SDK and allows to make and verify serial numbers very easy. The licensing system uses the RSA algorithm, which makes it impossible for hackers to create a keygen.


Serial numbers can contain lots of information like name and email of the license owner, expiration date, period of free updates, and much more. Any blocked serial number will be denied by new versions of an application.


The licensing system also allows to activate time-limited serial numbers and use them for a trial version of an application. This activation method works over the Internet and doesn't store anything on the user computer.

Advanced Protection

These features make the protection truly impeccable.


Virtual Files allow to embed additional files in the protected application. Can be used for creating of portable applications.

Packing packs the whole application and unpacks it in the memory at the startup.


Debugger Detection disallows to run the protected application in a debugger.

Virtualization Tools Detection disallows to run the protected application in virtual environment like VMware, VirtualBox, etc.


Memory Protection disallows to modify the protected application on disk and in the memory.

Strip Debug Information strips all debug information from an application. It also renames all symbols for .NET applications.

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