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Step 4: Setup the Automatic Serial Number Generation

At last we’ve come to the most important part – setting up of the automatic serial number generation upon request from your e-commerce provider. Basically, most of e-commerce providers allow vendors to have serial number generators on their own sites. In that case e-commerce provider just calls a vendor-specific URL and passes some parameters such as the customer’s name and e-mail as parameters.


Login to your e-commerce provider’s vendor panel and locate the custom keygen URL entry form. You can see how to configure a keygen of several popular e-commerce providers here. Now go to the products list in WebLM and locate the product that we have just created. Move mouse over it and click the “Keygen URL” link:


Some most popular e-commerce providers are hardcoded into WebLM, so you may simply copy the URL and paste it to the e-commerce provider’s form opened on the above step. Otherwise, you still should copy the URL, but you may need to adjust the template parameters so that your e-commerce provider can substitute them with the real data.


That’s all! Now you place a test order and check if a new license has been added to the list.

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