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Top Two Questions You Ask

Files protected with the demo version are detected as suspicious. Why?

The demo version is public and bad guys try to use it for protecting malware. That’s why sometimes antivirus applications detect files protected by the demo. This usually doesn’t happen with the full version of VMProtect which has completely different protected code structure.

I ordered a few hours ago and still haven’t received a product. What’s going on?

Please allow our e-commerce provider some time to check and process you order, then allow us up to 24 hours to build a custom version of VMProtect and send you the link. You will receive the product within 24 hours after ordering, usually faster.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering VMProtect

How is VMProtect delivered after ordering?

The full version of VMProtect and all the updates are delivered by e-mail. It is recommended to disable SPAM filters to make sure that our e-mail will be received. Please contact us if you haven’t received e-mail from us within 24 hours after purchasing a license.

Do you provide free updates?

We provide a year of free updates after purchasing a license. To continue receiving updates after that year, you need either to purchase a maintenance or continue using the version you have without any limitations.

What payment types are supported?

We’ve outsourced payment processing to our partners – PayPro Global. They support almost all common types of payment, including Credit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfers and much more.

Common Questions

What do VMPrtoect.AAA and VMProtect.AAD mean?

You can see the detailed answer here.

Is it possible to encrypt strings and arrays automatically?

VMProtect allows to hide ANSI and Unicode strings. All the other data will be left as is. It is recommended to encrypt all the important data and decrypt it immediately before use. You may virtualize the decryption code.

Is VMProtect thread safe?

Yes, VMProtect is completely thread-safe.

Is it possible to use VMProtect with another protector or packer?

It is not recommended to use other protectors or packers with VMProtect. This may lead to unpredictable behavior.

Is it necessary to include VMProtectSDK32.dll or VMProtectSDK64.dll to installer?

These libraries are necessary until you protect the application. After protection VMProtect replaces every call to the libraries with the calls of embedded module, so you don’t need those files anymore.

Compiler messages

What does the following mean: VMProtectMarker “ToolButton1Click.1″.0044327D: Address is being used by “TForm1.ToolButton1Click” procedure?

It means that the command at address 0044327D is shared between two different procedures and both of them are protected. You have to remove one of them from the list of protected objects.

What does the following mean: [Error] TForm1.Test.004433F4: Minimal size of procedure for compilation is 5 bytes?

It means that TForm1.Test procedure is too short and cannot be protected. You have to remove it from the list of protected object or make it longer. This can be done by adding some code or by turning the optimization off.

What does the following mean: TForm1.ToolButton1Click.00443368: Jump to the internal address: 00443337?

It means that there is a jump from unprotected code to the protected one. This may lead to unpredictable behavior and you have to mark the target address as external.

What does the following mean: Section “.text” is in the field of creation of heading of new section?

This usually happens when you protect drivers. It means that there is no enough free space for the new section between the system area of file header and the first section of file. You need to increase the section alignment value in driver’s sources and rebuild the driver. For example if you build a driver using WDK/DDK, you may put the line DRIVER_ALIGNMENT=0×200 to the “SOURCES” file.

What does the “Master key not found” message mean? I am using VMProtect SenseLock Edition.

VMProtect SenseLock Edition requires a master key to run. Master Key is a hardware USB key – SenseLock EL with the custom firmware. All the questions regarding the ordering and delivery of SenseLock keys should be sent to lock@senselock.ru.