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VMProtect 3.6

March 24th, 2022 :: 0 comments

[*] .NET: Improved renaming of virtual methods
[*] .NET: Fixed a bug that occurred inside finally blocks of virtualized methods
[*] Mach-O: Improved support of macOS 12 Monterey
[*] PE: Improved antidebug
[+] .NET: Added support of volatile and calli
[+] PE: Added support of Windows for ARM (for Intel binaries only)
[+] PE: Improved support of WINE
[+] PE: Added support of MAP files for Free Pascal and MinGW
[+] Added the ability to create segments with random symbols using mask ‘?’

VMProtect 3.5.1

September 19th, 2021 :: 3 comments

[!] .NET: Many bugs are fixed
[!] Fixed critical vulnerability in the licensing system of Ultimate that allows to change the open RSA key
[*] Mach-O: Improved support of Objective-C
[*] ELF: Improved support of DT_PREINIT_ARRAY
[*] PE: Improved support of TLS data with relocations
[*] PE: Improved compatible with Device Guard
[+] .NET: Added symbols renaming when the “Strip Debug Information” was used
[+] .NET: Added support of ObfuscationAttribute with the following Feature: “virtualization”, “mutation”, “ultra”, “virtualizationlockbykey”, “ultralockbykey”, “renaming” and “strings”
[+] .NET: Added the section “Assemblies” for embedding third-party assemblies inside the protected application (available for Ultimate only)
[+] PE: Added exception handling for VS2019
[+] Mach-O: Added support of “-flat_namespace”
[+] Intel: Added automatic detection of noreturn functions
[+] Added support of unicode for script function “io.open()”
[+] Added the ability to lock a protected program to a specific HWID without usage of SDK functions (available for Ultimate only)

VMProtect 3.5

June 10th, 2020 :: 0 comments

[!] .NET: Many bugs are fixed
[!] ELF: Fixed a bug that occurred inside VMProtectGetCurrentHWID while getting HDD information
[+] .NET: Added support of .NET Core (3.0+) and .NET Standard (2.1+)
[+] .NET: Added import protection
[+] .NET: Added resources protection
[+] .NET: Added support of mixed assemblies
[*] Mach-O: Improved support of sections with types S_THREAD_LOCAL_VARIABLES and S_THREAD_LOCAL_REGULAR
[*] Mach-O: Improved support of Objective-C
[*] ELF: Improved support of relocations with type R_386_PC32
[*] PE: Improved antidebug

VMProtect 3.4

August 3rd, 2019 :: 11 comments

[!] Fixed a bug that occurred during virtualization of BT [m16], POP [m64]
[+] Added support of .NET applications
[+] Added disassembling PMULLD
[+] PE: Added support of COFF symbols
[*] ELF: Improved disassembling of SWITCH
[*] ELF: Improved support of relocations with type R_386_PC32
[*] PE: Improved exception handling
[*] PE: Improved support of Windows Server 2016 Datacenter

VMProtect 3.3

December 26th, 2018 :: 0 comments

[+] PE: Added support of “Control Flow Guard”
[+] PE: Added support of PDB files for loading symbols
[+] Mach-O: Added support of OS X 10.13 and later
[+] ELF: Added support of statically linked libstdc++.so
[+] ELF: Added support of CentOS 5 and CentOS 6
[+] ELF: Added support of TLS segments
[+] ELF: Added support of HTTPS for VMProtectActivateLicense
[*] PE: Improved exception handling fo x64 applications
[*] PE: Improved detection of virtualization tools under the Hyper-V role
[*] PE: Improved demagling of MSVC symbols
[*] Mach-O: Improved exception handling
[*] Mach-O: Improved support of Objective-C
[*] ELF: Fixed a bug that occurred when the “Pack the Output File” option was used

VMProtect 3.2

May 10th, 2018 :: 3 comments

[!] PE: Fixed an error that occurred in VMProtectIsValidImageCRC in protected driver
[!] Fixed an error that occurred during virtualization of XOR with relocations
[*] PE: Improved packing of sections with the TLS directory
[*] PE: Improved antidebug
[*] PE: The Taggant System has been removed
[*] Accelerated unpacking when the “Packing output file” option was used
[+] Added support of ELF format
[+] Added disassembling of AVX commands

IEEE AMSS Taggant System will shut down on 31 July 2018

May 5th, 2018 :: 2 comments

We have received the following email:

This letter is to notify you that the Taggant System, a component of the IEEE Anti-Malware Support Service (AMSS), will shut down on 31 July 2018. Taggants have not been adopted as much as we had expected. Too few are using the Taggant System to justify the cost of maintaining the Taggant System.
All Taggant-related email aliases and listservs will also be deleted on 31 July 2018. VMProtect Software has an active IEEE AMSS SPV License. Per the AMSS SPV License, IEEE may cease operation of AMSS or any of its component services at any time upon ninety (90) days written notice to all AMSS licensees.
We expect to make a decision on the Clean file Metadata eXchange (CMX) component of AMSS later this year.
Thank you for supporting AMSS. We regret any inconvenience this change in direction might cause you.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

So the Taggant System will be removed from the next version of VMProtect.

VMProtect and DENUVO GmbH

June 6th, 2017 :: 0 comments

Hi there!

We were informed that there are open questions and some uncertainty about the use of our software by DENUVO GmbH.
Referring to this circumstance we want to clarify that DENUVO GmbH had the right to use our software in the past and has the right to use it currently as well as in the future.
In summary, no open issues exist between DENUVO GmbH and VMProtect Software for which reason you may ignore any other divergent information.

VMProtect 3.1.2

May 29th, 2017 :: 0 comments

[!] PE: Fixed “Initialization error 1″ that occurred on Windows 10 x86

VMProtect 3.1.1

April 24th, 2017 :: 0 comments

[!] Fixed crashes at the compilation time