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VMProtect 3.5.1

September 19th, 2021 :: 3 comments

[!] .NET: Many bugs are fixed
[!] Fixed critical vulnerability in the licensing system of Ultimate that allows to change the open RSA key
[*] Mach-O: Improved support of Objective-C
[*] ELF: Improved support of DT_PREINIT_ARRAY
[*] PE: Improved support of TLS data with relocations
[*] PE: Improved compatible with Device Guard
[+] .NET: Added symbols renaming when the “Strip Debug Information” was used
[+] .NET: Added support of ObfuscationAttribute with the following Feature: “virtualization”, “mutation”, “ultra”, “virtualizationlockbykey”, “ultralockbykey”, “renaming” and “strings”
[+] .NET: Added the section “Assemblies” for embedding third-party assemblies inside the protected application (available for Ultimate only)
[+] PE: Added exception handling for VS2019
[+] Mach-O: Added support of “-flat_namespace”
[+] Intel: Added automatic detection of noreturn functions
[+] Added support of unicode for script function “io.open()”
[+] Added the ability to lock a protected program to a specific HWID without usage of SDK functions (available for Ultimate only)



September 22nd, 2021

it took a year and 3 months to release a small 0.0.1 patch for 3.5… well, yeah…


September 22nd, 2021

Very nice very good update from VMPSoft! so nice i liked it.

Mesut Kaan YÖRÜK

September 24th, 2021

i Have lite version but old verion. Need new version. Help please.