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New Features Are Coming

January 20th, 2012 :: 3 comments

It feels like Christmas, and Christmas means miracles, gifts and lots of neat stuff. So we decided to share some news with you about what is going to be released soon. And it is going to be really cool…

In two words we are about to release the new version of VMProtect that supports activation. This means for you that you will be able to provide your customers with the short serial numbers. You will be able to block that serial numbers in the real time. You will be able to create trial licenses that hardly can be broken by simple registry cleanup and much more.

How It Works

Basically, you need the latest Web License Manager and the new version VMProtect. The License Manager will allow you to generate activation codes instead of serial numbers. So when your customer orders a license, he received a short activation code, like this: AXTF-G8UA-K63X. It is short and easy to type, good.

When your customer enters that code to the application, you should call a special API function of VMProtect. That function connects Web License Manager on your server, send the activation code and the HWID of the customer’s computer and gets a brand new long and strong serial number to use on that exactly computer. The application then saves that serial number to some place as it did before for “classic” serial numbers and then it call VMProtectSetSerialNumber() function to use the serial number. It is that easy.

What Can Be Done

Web License Manager is quite flexible when it comes to the activation codes.You can create a “Trial” mode and set that all the activation codes (and then, the serial numbers) will have a 30-days limit from the day of creation. You may choose whether you need to lock the serial numbers to HWID or not and so on.

Now imagine that you have a potential customer that asks for a custom trial for 45 days that works on 3 computers. No problem, go to the Web License Manager and generate ¬†three activation codes with 45 days trial and HWID locking. Send them to your customer and VMProtect will do the rest. Then imagine that this practice works well for your business, so you decide to use it widely. You can create a product “Mode” in the Web License Manager and set “45 days” and “lock to HWID” options there. That’s all! Web License Manager will provide you an URL that can be called to generate such activation codes. Use it on your CMS to generate such trials automatically!

You can set the maximal number of activations per code, so one code will be enough to generate several serial numbers. If the code will be stolen, you can easily block it and all the serial numbers that have been generated¬†fraudulently. That’s really easy, as it should be.

The system allows your customer to unregister their serial numbers to be able to use the same activation code to run the software on another computer. This should reduce the support load, if the customers update their hardware.


Yes, this requires an Internet connection to work, but in case if your customers doesn’t have it, there is an “offline” option and API that allows the user to grab the request code, send it to your server manually from the another computer, get the serial number and paste it to your application.

Yes, this requires some additional coding to make it running, but this is just 2-4 VMProtect API calls to do, so it wouldn’t be as hard as to create the software itself. Don’t worry, we’ll provide some samples in the SDK and in the User Manual, so you will not start from scratch.


Well, we are going to release this soon. So stay tuned and watch this space, you’ll be the first who knows about the release :)




January 25th, 2012

Good news! will you have some discount or coupon at that time? I missed the web license manager discount.

Vitaly Ovchinnikov

January 25th, 2012

We provide a 20% discount to the Ultimate edition customers. Currently that’s the only discount we have for WebLM. If you have an Ultimate license, please contact us using the e-mail you used to purchase it.


January 26th, 2012

OK, thanks. I missed this discount. Bad news. :)