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VMProtect Translator

October 3rd, 2011 :: 1 comments

Our customer has made a cool little application that helps non-English speakers to translate VMProtect to their languages. Thanks, Alexandre, that’s amazing!

The software performs a draft translation automatically, then you may adjust the translation and save the result as a LNG-file that can be used by VMProtect. The application also detects changes in the new versions of LNG-files and allows you to translate just what have been changed.

There’s also a tutorial showing how to use the software, and finally it is open-source so anyone can improve the application the way he needs it.

Sounds cool? It actually is :)

Here is the executable and tutorials: VMProtectTranslator.zip
And here is the source code, feel free to participate.

Once again, thanks Alexandre!



October 5th, 2011

VMProtect is the best software after Delphi i see in 11 years of programming so thanks to you!

If you have a problem with it or improvement idea, you can report it on the forum or by email.