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VMProtect.AAA, VMProtect.AAD

March 1st, 2011 :: 0 comments

As you are here, you’ve probably seen those VMProtect.AAA or VMProtect.AAD either for your application on virustotal.com or your antivirus has shown this for some application. What is it? What does it mean? The answer is below.

Malware is bad

Actually, the answer is quite simple: the application is protected with the pirated version of VMProtect. We are in contact with major antivirus vendors and we are both interested in the preventing of usage VMProtect for protecting malicious files. So, as soon as we’ve got a report about stolen version, we provide the necessary information to our partners and all the application of that vendor get blocked in a very short time.

Software piracy is bad, as well

That works pretty well to stop malware. However, sometimes this affects non-destructive software too. There were some companies that decided to use the stolen version of VMProtect for their software instead of buying the license – very interesting experience. We’ve figured out most of that cases, but new are possible, of course. So if you see VMProtect.AAA/.AAD detection for some software, you know what does it mean now. We’d like to know about such issues, so please report them to us.


VMProtect is still one of the best software protection solutions, so if you really need to protect your software, add serial numbers and so on – please give it a try. Satisfaction guaranteed.