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Adding new activation code

To add a new activation code, bring up the function menu and click Add. Alternatively, you can click the Add New Code item in the Activation Codes section. The following screen appears:




Select the product the new license applies to. Then, fill in the customer name, e-mail address, purchase date, and order reference number.


Activations count sets the number of times a user can activate this particular activation code. Whenever the activation count is exceeded, the product cannot be activated anymore. VMProtect allows a user to deactivate certain licenses to increase the number of activation counts, and therefore to activate the product on a new computer. Also, the activations count can be zero. In this case, the activation code can be used unlimited number of times. You may want to use this option for a trial activation code, or for give-away versions of the program by combining zero activations count with a certain expire date (see below).


The Expire date parameter defines how long this activation code should work. If a user attempts to activate the code after the specified date, the activation fails.


Adding activation codes manually is mostly used when you need to add a code to activate the trial version of the product (see this section for more info), or when you want to provide some user with a registration key for free, without actually purchasing it – a journalist writing a review, a friend of yours, as a reward to a well-contributing user and so on.