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VMProtect 2.06 is released

September 26th, 2010 :: 0 comments

We’ve just released version 2.06 of VMProtect. The most important feature is the merging license manager into the main VMProtect executable. The detailed list of changes follows:

New features


  • VMP files are now in XML format
  • Scripts are stored in VMP files as well, VMS are not used anymore
  • Ultimate: License Manager is moved to VMProtect interface
  • Ultimate: the speed of code locked to serial number is significantly improved


  • Fixed markers detection in MinGW files
  • Fixed import protection bug in 64-bit files
  • Fixed virtualization of FILD WORD PTR [XXXX] instruction
  • Fixed the incorrect disassembling of PSRLW instruction
  • Fixed DLL Box errors with some antivirus applications

Your feedback is welcome, as always.